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Amp-fx Philosophie
Amp-fx philosophy
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Overdrive & Distortion

Two gain stage OD
Soft-clipping OD
Hard-clipping OD
Super Booster Klon
Fullclone + Mods

Compressor & Sustainer

warm, smooth & squashing
inspired by Ross & Keeley
← have them both
Orange Squeezer
C4 Kompressor
C4 Compressor

C4 + OS

Preamps & Booster

Clean Boost
Tube-sound Boost
Legendary Boost
Überweisung geht klar. Schreibe mir eine eMail.
Micro Amp
Micro Amp
EP-Preamp V.3,5
EP-Preamp V.3,5

True Bypass Looper

Many uses: AB box, tuner mute switch, signal routing, True Bypass adding...
True Bypass Looper 1 Loop
True Bypass Looper 2 Loop
True Bypass Looper 3 Loop
1 Kanal
2 Kanal
3 Kanal



Play 2 Amps

Transformer isolated
guitar splitter

Patchboxes ∼ Schaffen Ordnung auf einem oft bewegten Pedalboard.

4 Kanal
4 channel
5 Kanal
5 channel
4 Kanal 90°
4 channel 90°
5 Kanal 90°
5 channel 90°
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You buy directly from the manufacturer.
(Psst... I heard that he is an electrical engineer. So he knows what he is doing ;)

Fast at building,

handbuild after your order.

Fast at shipping,

via certified mail.
Things I have learned & stuff good to know...

Please don't use batteries.

They are ecological bombs and always fail when needed the most...

Please invest in a good power supply.

Analog electronics are picky. Usually a cheap one is not a good one.

Also invest in good cables.

And use quality jacks or your tone will definitely suffer.

All gear is build using green power.

Also, I recycle my old paperwork as packing material : ).

Local pickup is possible, but please call me first: 030 / 53 04 42 96
3 years warranty & 1 month right of return on all pedals.
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